What Is Your Vacation Book?

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What are you reading this year for your vacation break?

I decided to be intentional about my Vacation Book.

Every year, I bring a specific book on the trip and I try to buy at least one as well. This year I am bringing the inspirational and informative “High Performance Habits” by Brendan Burchard. This one is close to being finished. I read through his “Motivation Manifesto” last time, so I figured this one would be a good follow-up. So far, so, well, followy. https://amzn.to/2IhtnN3

Now, I also have the very insightful “Beyond Training” by Ben Greenfield.

( https://amzn.to/2GbX4eS ) I am looking at my second half-marathon coming up and would like to make it through a full one soon. Greenfield says a thing or two about the futility of doing the same distance-same pace routine every day. I look forward to learning from him.

And getting healthy-ish-er.

My purchase for the trip is this “The Devil’s Diary.” It is a history of WWII from some writings that were recently released. Light reading, I know. https://amzn.to/2UeYzOs Hey, I hope you enjoy growing and reading as much as I do. Let me know below what books you have read on your most recent trip. If you like talking books and movies, stick around. I will be doing weekly reviews here. I appreciate liking my vids and following my channel. Help me share encouragement for people like me who have so many interests and/or talents.


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