Torah Tuesday Video – Missing The Mark

Torah Tuesday ep 1

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What is Sin?

Simply put, it is missing the mark. What mark? The one that is the perfect will of God. Torah means “Instructions.” Sin, according to I John 3:4 is the transgression of the law (Torah).

Very simply, Torah was broken by me – Messiah was broken FOR me. (Isaiah 53)

torah tue ep1

Many Christians experience F.O.T. (Fear Of Torah) due to many teachings that tell us that we should stay away from it. I realized, thanks to His Spirit, that running away from Torah is absolutely missing the mark. Jesus said that not one tiny jot or tittle will fall away from Torah until heaven and earth are gone.

Every time I hear a teaching, or even a Bible verse which seems to lead me away from His Torah, I run back to the words of the Messiah. It must jive with His teaching. He Is God. Amen?

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