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They Told You “14 Days.” More Covid Questions

14 Days to Flatten The Curve

As I write this, about 60 days ago all of the headlines were plastering those words just about everywhere we can see. To start off, I have been a student of marketing and rhetoric for many years. So when I hear a phrase repeated over and over again by multiple sources, I get curious. Who is trying to convince whom? And why?

Should one have to lie in order to convince?

If you study history enough, you will know that populations of people have been moved by such tactics. And I’m sorry to call a tactics, but what I have witnessed from mainstream media ( I call it state media) in the past few months seems to be a concerted effort to push society toward a common goal. I know… Good people are convinced that the current virus is deadly to almost anyone, but that is simply not the case. We know that from statistics as well as observation.

Very simply put, we were lied to. Undeniably there is an agenda beyond “saving lives.” Why must media personalities push their agenda? Almost like we know they “craft their stories.” So the media, in my opinion, is simply a movie poster. They are a movie poster designed to get people to buy tickets to the latest agenda.

Freedom Is Nothing to Sneeze At

Bait and switch

When I was in 10th grade and I went to the carnival by myself, and I got snookered by the carnival game. On that day that I lost all my money, all $10 of it. After that I stepped back and watched other people play. That’s when I noticed that the carnival worker had some tricks up his sleeves.

Can we step back and take notice of the bait and switch that has been played on us. They told us 14 days. They took more. Much more.

We were simply told that if we just went along with the plan, after 14 days, we would be back to normal. Who believed that this would be the case? As soon as we stepped into that, within minutes, media professionals were stating that this might have to go on longer.

Well, so far it has become 60 days. Who would like their 45 days back?

My hope is that people are starting to catch on. Some of us have been alert from the very beginning. And that doesn’t mean that I am any smarter than any of my colleagues. However I do tend to watch people’s actions because, as they say, actions speak louder than words.

So in March, when the suggestions were coming forth that we should suspend our constitutional rights and put ourselves on house arrest (and put many people in the poor house) I decided to observe. I observed the following:

I see politicians interact on a human level and they don’t seem to act concerned. Many do not wear masks except when they approach a press conference or some sort of public appearance. And even then they pull down the fresh mask in order to talk. But many have been traveling around. Doesn’t going outside make things worse? Yet they seem to be in various places. Except when they want to appear on zoom at their home. Much of that is done for appearance.

Media personnel seem to travel a lot. And seem to be more interested in seeing President Trump fail than in seeing the country cleared of a heinous virus.

If the virus was the issue at hand, why are the politicians and media celebrities not prioritizing this over their political ambitions? I see ambitions such as “dump Trump at all cost,” “Marxist socialism now,” “feed the museums before feeding the lives of people,” etc. Infectious control has taken a back seat to population control? Haven’t we heard the Agenda 21 mantra, “sustainability,” for years now? The goal has been to sustain the population. If this is a test run for controlling the citizens, the powers that be are getting a good grade. IF IT IS, in fact, a test.

Lastly if health was a goal here, doctors would be allowed to treat their patients with methods that they see working for others. You would have no need to outlaw certain treatments which have shown positive effects. Certain personalities have done nothing to stop or cure a virus but have performed all types of tactics to block any progress at all, for fear of any credit going toward the current president. For instance, if the people win, it might be perceived as a win for the President.

When did politicians start telling doctors how to do their jobs? Oh, right. Affordable Care Act.


Remember this? It was in China. Let’s take a moment and learn from history.

“The Great Leap resulted in tens of millions of deaths, with estimates ranging between 18 million and 45 million deaths. About the same number of births were lost or postponed, making the Great Chinese Famine the largest in human history.”

Wikipedia › wiki › Great_Leap_For…

Great Leap Forward – Wikipedia

This started because a dictator proclaimed himself an expert – on farming. Yes. Mao “decreed increased efforts to multiply grain yields and bring industry to the countryside.” When he forced the farmers to obey his rules, over their own expertise or free will, he created a devastating famine. He was not a farmer. Our President and Speaker Of The House are not doctors. Even the doctors that they place on the pulpit Are Not Your Doctor.

Have we been given a medical famine by our political leaders and popular press?

So often our politicians, treat the average citizen as uneducated, with less rights – and impose restrictions on citizens that they don’t place on themselves. These are some of the actions that speak louder than words.

Why not simply treat the sick rather than suspect all healthy people?

Why not shut down politicians’ pet projects instead of shutting down small businesses?

Are you concerned about your rights?

Ask yourself the following questions and please share with your friends:

Why didn’t they keep their promise? We did our part – 14 days!

Lest you think I am just a naysayer, I share with you some simple ideas which would help save lives from a disease and possibly protect us from a depression and famine. This comes from a guy who has produced infectious disease protocol trainings for health care professionals.

I know it’s not likely that my suggestions will be transformed into some public policy. Heck, almost nobody reads my blog. But, I know there must be someone out there who would benefit from these questions and suggestions. They are not comprehensive, of course, but don’t we just need a little clarity right now?

How about we get back our freedoms? I honestly don’t know how this Titanic can get turned around at this point.

I am a man of prayer and I know that seeking the face of our Creator is the absolute best answer for any problem. If God’s people all return to him and repent in faith, great things will take place. There are so many ways in which we can have hope.

Let’s start with making sensible solutions to our everyday health. I will include some links to some healthy podcast that I listen to on a regular basis.

Do you have any simple solutions that you could offer to your fellow citizens to make the next flu outbreak safer all around? Share in the comments below.


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