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When We Look Into Our Own Eyes We See Something Unexpected, But Genius.

When Leaves Get In Your Eye.

So, I like being helpful. I guess you could say that I fancy myself as a problem solver. Oh no. Am I revealing my hero complex?

But isn’t it hard to mind our own business sometime?

I remember being asked to be “the Youth Counselor” when I would visit a new church. That’s a subject that needs attention, but this is about me, right. When I was a twenty-something dude, I changed jobs during college and after college while I was seeking for my place in this world. (Still there in some aspects, but I will get to that later.)

New apartment. New city. New Church.

“Hey, there’s a young man, let’s give him the task of creating all the fun activities for our teenagers. It often felt like the model had become so marinaded into church culture that it was a requirement to give the youngest adult in the room the master key to the brains and hearts of all the teens in the room.

I said yes, until I said no.

The last time I said yes with my mouth, I was saying “no” in my rib cage. I had already seen that I was not so effective in this position. Why? I was a mess. A royal, sloppy peanut buster parfait on a stick. I was playing dodgeball with 15 year olds while I was playing kickball with my 25 year old self.

I soon realized that I needed help.

see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

King David Ps. 139:4

How Can I Help You?

As I write, we are in the second Day of Awe (2 of 10) leading up to Yom Kippur. This is a special season of the year, I believe, with a special anointing for introspection. We can look at our inner being and ask God to search us and reveal the planks in our own eye. No nitpicking on our spouse, neighbor, child right now. Just honesty with ourselves and the Creator.

My own youth group.

I now have 5 children. Blessed be His mighty name. The Father, in His grace has allowed me to sew truth into them and that’s about it. And that is plenty. I wasn’t a very effective youth counselor, but I didn’t blow any teens up. I don’t deserve another chance, but I got one. And I love it.

More Plank

Even in the midst of my super duper dad-coach whiteboard sessions, I have come into the knowledge, time and again, that I need help. I have started looking out there for others who encounter similar life challenges. Older, younger, whatever their level of experience, I want to learn. I heard a great quote today:

Society changes slowly, but we can make a big change in ourselves in a day.

Host of The Survival Podcast

Through God’s grace, in my lateness, I have started back on a path to being a better version of me. I have been overcoming ADD, past abuse, weight loss struggles, a poverty mindset, heartbreak, and much more.

I have always had an ability to stand back and look at a situation and visualize a possible solution. However, I can sense a critical nature that pops up frequently. I can fix the politics, economics, and global warming of this nation, but guess what? You probably already know this, but the world did not hire me to be its youth counselor. Actually no one has done so in 30 years.

So, I grab the plank and pull.

Rinse. Repeat.

I’m so blessed to be alive and living with the knowledge and relationship of my Father on His Heavenly throne. The Bible says that I can actually brag about that.

But I Progress…

I now, look forward to the days. I can’t wait to see smiles on my family when I reach home. I can’t wait to find out a better way to deal with those painful memories from the old days. I look forward to the Holy Spirit things that are opening up and freeing me from curses and prison bars that I didn’t even know were there.

Atonement means to be at one with God and His purpose that was created for you. Thank you Father for the purpose and thank you for the Process.

Thanks for being a friend. Happy upcoming Passover.

This was meant to be an “about me” type of post. Thank you for being a subscriber. I look forward to learning from you.

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