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Life Is Too Short To Not Laugh!

Wouldn't you rather laugh? I think we all run into people each day who have no smile on their face. Some people have a facial structure that is centered/constructed around a frown. Do you need me to cite a bunch of science to prove it to you that this is not healthy? ...

Introducing – Kathleen And Her Goats Kathleen is a real person.  Her goats are real goats, not just actors. In 2010, Kathleen learned how to milk a goat - her goat. Soon after that, she started making goat milk soap.  She made more scrubbing power than her family...

What Is Your Motivation for Self-Publishing?

Authors have their own reasons for self-publishing. If you are goal is to write and publish your own book, you should intend to   check out your own motives for doing so. You have to make sure your motivations are realistic so you move forward with your success. You...

Self-Publishing Your Book?

Are you thinking about self-publishing? When you talk about self-publishing, As the author, you are responsible for all the aspects of publishing the book. The author usually drives the editing, printing, publicity and distribution as well. No publishing company,...

The Hamburger Showdown

What is the best fast food hamburger? As a matter of fact, we will do you a huge favor and we will give you the ranking from best (number 1) to worst (number 5). Every family has their favorites as well as their "go to" places to eat.  There are certainly...

writer paul bass

I create quirky videos and products to bless you and make you smile.

I write about books (often my own) and movies as well as our adventures in faith.

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