Have You Ever Prayed The Bible

We already have a powerful prayer book. As I look through the book store, I see some really cool prayer books. Most of us have gone away from them, but in some faith communities, the prayer book is still a thing. I picked up a nice one at a thrift store. My library is kindContinue reading “Have You Ever Prayed The Bible”

Torah Tuesday – The Name Of GOD in Scripture.

Have you seen all the really good resources about the names of God and the meanings? Welcome to another Hack my KJV edition of Torah Tuesday.   A few weeks ago I showed you how to restore God’s actual name as you see the capital letters “LORD.” Did you know that in certain places theContinue reading “Torah Tuesday – The Name Of GOD in Scripture.”

Jesus in the Old Testament Part 2 – Torah Tuesday

Today we are going to go into another exercise for bringing out the name of our savior. As we mentioned in the last episode, Jesus is throughout all of scripture. He didn’t just appear in a Manger, and things carried on from there. He has been there all along. He was there at the creationContinue reading “Jesus in the Old Testament Part 2 – Torah Tuesday”

Is The Law Good For Believers? Torah Tuesday Ep 4

I think you will be blown away to find multiple references to Torah in the New Testament. Would you be surprised if the New Testament is a second witness to the instructions of Yahweh, rather than a refutation of the Law. Below is our latest episode of Torah Tuesday. The reference is James 1:22-25. ButContinue reading “Is The Law Good For Believers? Torah Tuesday Ep 4”

Where is your dusty KJV?

Well, let me walk you through a little retro hack. Have you hugged your King James Version of the scriptures lately? Dust that baby off and grab a pencil. Here is your quick DIY for fixing something that the scholars of old hath missed. I’m not talking about the use of language that no oneContinue reading “Where is your dusty KJV?”

Torah Tuesday Video – Missing The Mark

What is Sin? Simply put, it is missing the mark. What mark? The one that is the perfect will of God. Torah means “Instructions.” Sin, according to I John 3:4 is the transgression of the law (Torah). Very simply, Torah was broken by me – Messiah was broken FOR me. (Isaiah 53) Many Christians experienceContinue reading “Torah Tuesday Video – Missing The Mark”

Do Christians Celebrate Passover? Why Not?

Here’s a simple answer to the number one objection to Christians and Passover. Hi, I recorded this little video to remind my Christian friends to celebrate Passover. I often hear, “But I’m not Jewish.” The Bible calls them God’s feasts and… Are you so sure you don’t have any Jewishness in you? You must askContinue reading “Do Christians Celebrate Passover? Why Not?”