Questions I MUST Ask About Corona Virus And Nursing Homes

Do you have a loved one in a nursing home?

During the massive shutdowns of the Corona virus response, it seems we all had a hobby of waiting for the Corona score of the day. Even if we did not want to, like a bad circus performance, we could not look away.

Winning or losing?

I remember taking part in Easter egg hunts when I was a child. If some child was not quite getting it, if their basket was not chock full of cellophane covered pretend Easter eggs, they usually got a little bit of help. Some sympathetic parent of a hoarder would grab into the basket of their child and distribute some booty to the other child. Most parties were fine with this. Especially the child who had formerly one scraggly looking candy egg.

I must admit from my little perch, it looked a bit like that with the current virus sufferers.

For a while the county next to us enjoyed freedom from any cases of the sickness. Then the news came that there was a victim on the scoreboard. Shortly after that I found out that this sick person was transferred to that county from our county. Rumor has it that the first case in our county, by the way was transferred from a different state.

This facility in which the sick person from our county was placed later suffered from more cases. My first question was “why didn’t they leave well enough alone,” as they say.

Why can’t a nursing home full of elderly people be quarantined from an outbreak of such nature?

The following diagram is a compilation of three quick questions that I have. I do not have the answer. I don’t know that I will get them. But I do wonder if anyone else is curious about this.

Is it up to you New York, New York.

Is there any question as to whether the governor of New York has been one of the most quoted characters in the outbreak news? How many people have died in the city of New York since the beginning of March 2020? How many of those people were in nursing homes? Whose idea was it specifically for citizens of New York City who live in nursing homes to receive fellow residents who were infected by this dangerous disease?

Let me share with you a link to an article that I have found which addresses some of these questions and poses some of its own.

We Need To Take A Hard Look At Nursing Home Policies

I hope that you are safe and doing well in America today. Be blessed and keep smiling.

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