Life Is An Adventure – It’s Now Or Never

life is an adventure

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“It’s now or never…”

Do you remember that Elvis song? Well, I’m sorry to start out with a reference to a manipulative song that ripped the tune from a beautiful opera composition. But I’m stealing that line.

It's now or never
Kun Fotografi / Pexels

When was the last time you got out there and enjoyed yourself?

We pray and hope that we live long and luxurious lives, but.. Is that a guarantee? Nope. See, I answered for you, but it’s true. We are only here for a spark, for a vapor. Let’s do this thing. Let’s get out there and make memories. Grab a paddle and a canoe. Throw on some hiking shoes for Pete’s dragon’s sake.

Make some bloomin’ memories.

Isn’t that what social media is for? 🙂 Aren’t we supposed to show our sweet photos of the Grand Canyon and the Grand Kids rather than fighting about fake politics?

I decided to put this shirt out there to encourage and celebrate the adventure. I hope you enjoy it.

Just wondering… What is your next adventure?



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