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I like to laugh but…

Hey, I like a good laugh as much as just about anyone.

But what is more fun than laughing? For me, it is to make people laugh. Now, I’m not saying I’m the funniest guy in the room, but from time to time, I have opened a door or two with laughter.

In the nineties, I had a regular gig. I was the lunch table funny guy. For some reason, the spirit was flowing every day for lunch, and, on the occasions when the regulars were there, I was killin’ it.

On the days when the co-workers were too busy to head down to the cafeteria, well, it was just crackers and crickets. But on the full lunch table days, it was crack-up after milk spewing out the nose.

The nose spew

Making someone laugh to the point of spit takes coming through the nose is actually a badge of honor for me. I have full recollection of the first time that happened to my little ones. I am way behind with the youngest, by the way. I’ll let you know. She’s such a mighty comedian herself.

Better to give than receive

This is certainly true in regards to laughter. It is so much better to give those chuckles and snorts.

Psalm 84:12 –

YHWH of heavenly forces, those who trust in you are truly happy.

Yah’s Word

I can’t promise I’ll make you laugh. We all have different senses of humor. But I can guarantee I’ll try. At this point I feel called to keep up (and step up) the quirky children’s books (aimed at giving grown ups a laugh too) and sketch videos featuring some peculiar people (many of them are me).

So thanks so much for hanging around. I promise you, it’s better when we are all at the table. So, I must encourage you to let the happy out and to give out as much as you get.

May you often have a smile on your face and always have one in your heart.

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