Cats and Dogs. What’s The Difference?

dogs vs cats

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Here’s a little video on my observations this morning regarding one glaring difference between dogs and cats. Plus, you get my question about the bond between cat and lady.

Okay this is just a short video to illustrate to you the difference between cats and dogs when they are approached in the morning or after work.

The cats stare at you and you know that they want you to pet them (except for Cobalt who is a stick to himself kind of cat). But Blue here always wants to be petted. However, our dog shows light in his eyes. He has a big smile on his face. His tail is wagging and he can’t wait for you to come give him a little scratch on the head.

Cats just play it cool. Like a guy.

They don’t want to display outwardly that emotion. so I ask a question in this video “Why is it the cats are generally the favorite for the ladies? and dogs are known as man’s best friend?”

For the most part, cats are playing It Like a Dude. dogs are putting all their emotions out there.

Makes you wonder.

Thanks for watching. I just felt inspired to shoot this on the way to work. Visit my Youtube channel and like and share this video if you are inspired by the difference between cats and dogs.

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