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I like to laugh but…

Hey, I like a good laugh as much as just about anyone.

But what is more fun than laughing? For me, it is to make people laugh. Now, I’m not saying I’m the funniest guy in the room, but from time to time, I have opened a door or two with laughter.

In the nineties, I had a regular gig. I was the lunch table funny guy. For some reason, the spirit was flowing every day for lunch, and, on the occasions when the regulars were there, I was killin’ it.

On the days when the co-workers were too busy to head down to the cafeteria, well, it was just crackers and crickets. But on the full lunch table days, it was crack-up after milk spewing out the nose.

The nose spew

Making someone laugh to the point of spit takes coming through the nose is actually a badge of honor for me. I have full recollection of the first time that happened to my little ones. I am way behind with the youngest, by the way. I’ll let you know. She’s such a mighty comedian herself.

Better to give than receive

This is certainly true in regards to laughter. It is so much better to give those chuckles and snorts.

Psalm 84:12 –

YHWH of heavenly forces, those who trust in you are truly happy.

Yah’s Word

I can’t promise I’ll make you laugh. We all have different senses of humor. But I can guarantee I’ll try. At this point I feel called to keep up (and step up) the quirky children’s books (aimed at giving grown ups a laugh too) and sketch videos featuring some peculiar people (many of them are me).

So thanks so much for hanging around. I promise you, it’s better when we are all at the table. So, I must encourage you to let the happy out and to give out as much as you get.

May you often have a smile on your face and always have one in your heart.

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Ugly Dolls – Pretty Fun

Here’s my Basically The Deal Review on Ugly Dolls

Ugly dolls gets a lot of flack because the dolls are not ugly enough. That’s the point. Critics say it’s not “dark” enough. I thank you for bringing this little gem to the big screen.

The whole point is that they are not ugly.

They are special, even though they are missing an eye or something like that. There aren’t as many laughs as many films, but we didn’t need any counseling afterwards. That’s a good thing.

The stars do well. Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton are perfect for their parts.

Here’s Basically The Deal: Ugly Dolls was a pretty movie with good music and a redeeming story that will do well in the long run. Big screens need more films like this.

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Breakthrough Movie Review – Basically The Deal

Want a short movie review from a Christian perspective?

Joelle went with her mom and sister to this one.

They cried. They came back with more stories of the tears than the actual movie. I say the mark of a good film is that you leave the theater as a changed person in some small way. I think this one did it.

The stars did a great job and the directing was good as well. Topher Grace was a refreshing addition. What a great message of hope and answered prayer.

Let’s hope this proves that good faith movies are here to stay. The story of adoption in here was a pleasant surprise. As adoptive parents, we appreciate positive messages about adopting.

If you have gone through losing a family member due to tragedy, please be aware that scenes can be hard to deal with. Breakthrough was a good movie with a very good message.

That’s Basically The Deal on Movies.

Thanks for watching. Let me know what you thought of the movie Breakthrough.

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Dumbo Movie Review – What Just Happened?

I don’t know if you have any desire to see the new sort of a live action version of Dumbo.

I guess not many people do have that desire if the state of ticket sales is any indication.

I know they’re selling some in various places but where we watched this movie the theater was pretty bare.

Why make it?

We couldn’t figure out what the purpose was for creating this film. Maybe they had a contract with Tim Burton and they needed something to come off of the success of The Greatest Showman. Just speculation, I know, but constantly I was checking my watch and thinking about texting someone. The movie was beautifully lit and artistically filmed.

Danny DeVito did a spectacular job.

Colin Farrell, not so much, plus, he should never try to do a southern accent anymore. Isn’t it good enough that he can pull off an American accent?

It’s not that I hated the movie, but I think I would have rather seen a movie that I hated. You see I like movies. I like to tear them apart if they are in fact horrible. This one was just there. To me it was a paperweight of a movie.

Then there are those movies that the children enjoy, yet the parents don’t get. Now, this was not one of them. Everyone walked out of the movie kind of scratching their head. And I don’t think that’s from lice.

Pretty sure we got that taken care of. However we were so excited to go to the movies as a family. So glad that there are five dollar days and that we are on vacation.

I enjoyed some of the performances, but I really did not like the little drawn elephant. How can you beat the original cartoon elephant for cuteness. This cartoon supposedly live-action elephant was so much uglier than a real baby elephant. And I don’t think that was the reason why it was like that. I think the errors were supposed to create some sort of gasp as they did to A group of on the screen over actors.

Michael Keaton started out good but as in many movies,

the bad guy going nutso was not a good look for him.

I don’t wanna warn you against this movie, but I don’t want you to go to it expecting to like it very much.

Let me know what you thought, if you saw this movie in the comment section below. Was this a Dumbo move for Disney and gang?