The Secret Life The Cat In The Hat

A new look at an old favorite.

My girls have finished their first video project. This is their first sketch video and I am super happy with them. We happen to do a lot of improv in the car as we travel from one place to another. We often take on an exotic accent and carry it through for hours as we shop, get gas, go to church, etc.

Recently they were in a play, “Seussical the Musical.” They had a blast.

They began to see some similarities with Secret Life Of Pets and The Cat In The Hat. They recruited their friend who actually portrayed “The Cat” in the Seussical spectacular.

Here it is for a little Wednesday wackiness. If you enjoy, leave a comment below to encourage the Bass team. Thanks for watching.

I like to laugh but…

Hey, I like a good laugh as much as just about anyone.

But what is more fun than laughing? For me, it is to make people laugh. Now, I’m not saying I’m the funniest guy in the room, but from time to time, I have opened a door or two with laughter.

In the nineties, I had a regular gig. I was the lunch table funny guy. For some reason, the spirit was flowing every day for lunch, and, on the occasions when the regulars were there, I was killin’ it.

On the days when the co-workers were too busy to head down to the cafeteria, well, it was just crackers and crickets. But on the full lunch table days, it was crack-up after milk spewing out the nose.

The nose spew

Making someone laugh to the point of spit takes coming through the nose is actually a badge of honor for me. I have full recollection of the first time that happened to my little ones. I am way behind with the youngest, by the way. I’ll let you know. She’s such a mighty comedian herself.

Better to give than receive

This is certainly true in regards to laughter. It is so much better to give those chuckles and snorts.

Psalm 84:12 –

YHWH of heavenly forces, those who trust in you are truly happy.

Yah’s Word

I can’t promise I’ll make you laugh. We all have different senses of humor. But I can guarantee I’ll try. At this point I feel called to keep up (and step up) the quirky children’s books (aimed at giving grown ups a laugh too) and sketch videos featuring some peculiar people (many of them are me).

So thanks so much for hanging around. I promise you, it’s better when we are all at the table. So, I must encourage you to let the happy out and to give out as much as you get.

May you often have a smile on your face and always have one in your heart.

The Feasts Of God – Do You Like A Good Picnic?

Do you like going to picnics?

Have you ever said no to a good meal? Have you ever been in school and been held back from phys-ed or recessed as some call it? 

Here is a video I made for you on the subject. Share this with anyone you know who has been wondering about these holidays.

I believe that most Disciples of Jesus are holding themselves back from some amazing times of Celebration. 

I’m talking about the Feasts of God, or the festivals of Yahweh. Passover, Unleavened Bread, Etc. Most of us call these Jewish holidays. And it is true that the Jewish people for many centuries have been keeping these times. Much can be learned by observing the rich celebrations that Jewish people enjoy during the biblical holidays. 

But, the Bible doesn’t call them “Jewish holidays.” The Bible calls them God’s Holidays. They are appointed times, or festivals of Yahweh. Being that they are His celebrations, and we are His people, wouldn’t it be great if we could Re-Discover the beauty in these celebrations? 

As for me and my house we have decided to partake in this inheritance, and to consider them as “our gifts” through our Savior Jesus / Yeshua.

  • Numbers 29 verse 12 calls this Feast of Tabernacles “the Festival of Yahweh.”
  •  Leviticus 23:1 says “appointed times of Yahweh.”
  •  Verse 3, “Sabbath of Yahweh.”
  •  Verse 6, “Yahweh’s Feast of Unleavened Bread.”
  •  Verse 21 says, “for all times throughout the ages.”
  •  Verse 33 says, “Feast of Tabernacles to Yahweh.”
  •  Verse 37 states, “appointed times of Yahweh.”
  •  Going full circle on our list of scriptures here, verse 39 is referring to tabernacle. Verse 39 says, “festival of Yahweh.” 

I have noticed that throughout recorded Biblical history, God has operated under a framework of time. And He has set up these appointed times as an awesome tool for learning, among other benefits. For example, we can learn about the confusing parts of prophetic scriptures by adding in some celebrations of these Feasts. Our family, by doing just this, have gained a fuller understanding of our inherited future and the past. What do ya say? Are you up for a little party?

Perhaps you have the question bouncing around in your head, “What if we were to start celebrating these holidays? How would we begin?” 

Well, there are a lot of resources on celebrating God’s appointed times. You could buy a book or two. There are a few really good ones. However, how about you keep it simple? That is what I would recommend. I would recommend picking up the scriptures and seeing what they say about these special days. What do they say about the history? What do they say about the observance of these days?. How did the people of Biblical times celebrate them?

 I think you will notice that the instructions are rather simple. 

Side note: Don’t get hung up with the sacrifices. That’s another episode. Keep in mind the Savior was hung for us. We can offer our sacrifices of praise and thanksgiving continually. 

Overall, you will see that it is basic. We tend to overcomplicate things from time to time. I think many people look at Grand celebrations and say oh boy I can’t do that. So if you want to learn from the vast history of celebrating the biblical feast oh, that’s cool, but begin somewhere.  I think this is something you and your family would enjoy.

Have you ever celebrated a Biblical Feast of Yahweh? Which ones? 


For the past 6 years I have been helping pastors create video ministries.

In the ministries that I have worked with, finances are a real hindrance.

Here is a good video to give you a sense of what $1000 can do for you. This is great news to a guy who went to college when video cameras cost around $100,000.


Check out this video from Brady at Pro Church Tools. He illustrates what I have been teaching for these past few years.


You don’t need expensive gear to shoot a great looking video. And to prove it, we’re going to shoot a video in our $20,000 studio, and a video using just a $1,000 setup and show you the differences – all that in this video. See full post here: Brady Shearer on Social Media:


What Kind Of Belief? Torah Tuesday

Belief 3:16 – Torah Tuesday is a follow up to last week’s intro.

Often times we get a little confused by a scripture. The best thing to do is to keep reading.

Today we talk about John 3:36 which spreads some light on the “belief” that we read about in John 3:16.

It can’t be the type of belief that demons and other villains hold. James tells us that it is not enough. John 3:36 says that if we believe we have eternal life, but if we don’t obey, we will receive punishment. So the belief we need is a full faith that results in our obedience.

Thank you for watching Torah Tuesday. It is usually found on my main channel under my name Paul Bass, but often the video gets loaded onto one of my other channels. Don’t know why. I just have to deal with it.

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When You Only Hear Part Of The Story – Torah Tuesday

Sometimes we really don’t hear the whole story.

Have you ever heard someone speaking and get the total opposite message?

It’s all about context.

Sometimes we only hear a part of the story. In this video I discuss that issue when we read a snippet from the Bible. Do you ever come to a place where you wonder what that means? I always tell people to keep reading. Usually there is an explanation following that curious verse.

hear half the story

Next week I’m going to talk about John 3:16 in particular. Thank you so much for watching. If you want to be a champion, click the like button for me. And I would so appreciate it if you would follow And subscribe to this channel. Every Tuesday I put a new short video.

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The Great Adventure – Life

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Are Tassels Indeed Hassles? Torah Tuesday Video

Today I have a challenge for you.

Have you ever seen the old-time illustration of people tying a string to their finger as a little reminder? I know, I used to do the “write on the palm of my hand” kind of reminders.

Today for Torah Tuesday I’m going to talk about a very simple reminder that God has given his people.

Numbers chapter 15, verse 38-40 says “Address the people of Israel and tell them to attach tassels to the hems of their clothes throughout their successive Generations. Fasten the tassels to the Hem with a blue thread. You are to have the tassel, so that when it catches your eye you may remember all you always commands and observe them and may not wander after your heart’s inclinations and after your eyes… Being thus reminded of all my commands, you will be able to observe them…”

Modern Language Translation

Tassels are not hassles.

A few years back I came across this verse remembering that Jesus was wearing them, these tassels, when the woman who had been suffering from bleeding came to him. As you will likely recall, as a woman through faith touched The Fringe or tassel of His Garment and received healing. Now, I think there is a huge sermon to be had here. However, I am simply reminding you of these little reminders.

In Hebrew they are called tsit tsit.

At this time, I did not know anyone who wore tassels woven with blue in them. I talk to my clothing advisers who are my daughters. And very shortly I had my first set of Tassels woven with blue. I began to wear them on a regular basis by simply connecting them to four different belt loops.

Anytime you do something brand new if you’re like me you feel like you’re in junior high again. Well, that fear of being made fun of has only manifested itself one time by a coworker at a large Christian organization.

For the most part, people haven’t reacted at all. I can say however, that one person in a very tiny town in Tennessee was greatly encouraged when she saw the tassels. After that, there were moments of ministry that would never have happened. There have been a couple occasions for sharing the word of God with people.

I must say, that the purpose of the tassels is expressed in the Bible as a device for remembering. In other words, this is a “between me and God” kind of thing. Do you remember the what would Jesus do bracelets?

That was a great movement where that little band of plastic or string would become a reminder to live as Jesus did.

Well, here’s my “what would Jesus wear tassel.” After all he did wear them and they were useful in ministry as well. But, essentially they are my reminder to follow after the instructions, Torah, I’ve got. And that scripture says that it is something that will continue throughout the generations.

Now I don’t condemn you if you don’t wear tsit tsit, tassels. I am simply making this video and blog post to challenge you to try it out. Hey, how many times have we shared a diet plan with our friends or a good album, which is that thing that music used to play on? But I don’t know what you call it now, so a good collection of Music perhaps or a good movie. Well this is me sharing with you my little hack for reminding myself that I am chosen. Reminding myself that I am favored. Reminding myself that I will be With My Savior forever and I will follow him today while I walk this Earth.

So if you feel impressed, give it a try. What do you have to lose? Maybe you say well I don’t know how to make one.

Do you know how to braid?

Simply take some white thread or string and braid it with a blue string. In most cases people make a loop at the top this makes it easy to apply to your clothing.

Sure, there are ways that people have done this for centuries that include teaching tools such as wrapping it around a certain amount of times to represent certain letters in the name of God, but those are all personal traditions that you can choose to learn if you want. But I wouldn’t get too caught up in that. I think its best to simply look at what the scripture says.

If you are sincerely interested and you would like a little bit more instructions on how we have made them, feel free to comment below and send me your contact information. Hey, how cool would it be to see pics of your tassels? We will send you a short tutorial on braiding these things if you would like. There are numerous youtube vids with little DIY walk-throughs. I would love to see what people encounter when you try this for say 21 days.

Have you ever come across the scriptures and thought why don’t people do this anymore? I think often we dismiss certain things in the Bible because we simply don’t see people doing them anymore. To be a little bit on the Frank side, I think that it’s time to shake things up in the world of the Christian.

That’s not to say that this would be a real shaker of an event but I leave this challenge with you on this Tuesday. If you choose to accept the challenge, your computer will not self destruct. Its possible that not much will happen, but each morning when you get dressed, you’ll think “What would Jesus do?”

Are you in for the challenge? If so, let me know. Comment below with the date that you are going to try this.

My 21 Days of Intermittent Fasting – What Were The Results?

I just wrapped up my personal experiment of intermittent fasting for 21 days. I can report that I was faithful to the end.

How do I feel? Really good.

Do I miss having that early breakfast? Not anymore.

What were three main benefits that I experienced from intermittent fasting?

Number one: I lost weight. I weighed around 185 going in. And this morning I jumped up on the scale with fear and trembling. 175. A 10 lb weight loss in 3 weeks. I would prefer 20 lb of weight loss but when you compare it to not losing any weight, or gaining weight. Well, you see where I’m going with that. I’m happy with the results.

Number two: I feel good. Like James Brown, I’m thinking I’m going to do one of those little Twistee ankle slidy kind of dances. I know, I’ve got you picturing it. But I’m not doing it for video unless I have the wig. So if you can find me Good James Brown wig I’m going for it.

Number three: My stomach is not as flabby. Yeah even though I run on a regular basis, my fifty-three-year-old self has been over the legal weight limit for my hobby. Not that there is a legal weight limit, but if there was, I’m sure I would screeched over it.

But yesterday, just yesterday, on day 21, I realized my stretchy jeans we’re feeling a little bit on the loose side. So, I gave it a try and I tighten my belt loop one sweet notch.

Lake Dallas Holmes once said, “Hey I’m a Believer now.” I think he was talking about something else, However, I am a believer in the intermittent fast.

As a matter of fact, I am at the point now where I would recommend the intermittent fast. Being that I am not a licensed Healthcare professional, or dietitian, I guess I would not suggest that you do this thing unless you have spoken with your personal doctor of Chiropractic but if I were such a professional, I would give you a recommendation of such.

I do want to say that you might be interested in reading up on the intermittent fast.

What did I do for my 21 days?

That’s a good question. I’m glad I asked. I simply tapped into a 16-hour fast everyday. So if I was done eating by 6:30 p.m. my next meal would come at around 10:30 or so in the morning. Most days I did not get finished with dinner until around 7 or 7:30. And lately I have been running after work. I also pick up our daughter from dance class so, sometimes we don’t get home until after 7:30. That’s where the fun came in. It takes a little bit of planning for this scheme.

Any good system has a plan.

As a matter of fact the scriptures say that the people perish without a plan. So I made sure that I had some gluten free bread and peanut butter and jelly in the office. And that is a treat for me. No offense to any casserole makers in the bass household. But PB&J is one item which I believe, would be my items to bring on the island for Survivor, the (yes, it’s still on the air) TV show.

So what now?

Where do we go from here, not that all of the children are grown. (Ours aren’t) Games people play, diets people do? Right now, I am going to continue intermittent fasting. Why would I not? When I feel this good and I believe I have cracked my metabolism code.

Soon, I might go back to a Keto lifestyle, because I do enjoy the convenience of being able to pick up a slab of meat and enjoy the savory niceness. But, for now I shall intermittent-ize my fasting.

One note about the term diet.

Many people, diet gurus, like to say that diets are a bad thing. And that we need a lifestyle instead. I disagree with that. Because we all are on a diet. No matter what kind of Count Chocula or Pop-Tarts you have throughout the day and as a midnight snack. You are on a diet.

The question – is will you be on a healthy diet? Which is, yes a lifestyle. When we speak of the lion in the zoo, the zookeeper with the little Britney Spears microphone speaks out the items in the Lion’s “diet.” Sometimes they may even mention what their diet consists of in the wild. So what is your diet? We are all on a diet? Is yours healthy? How do you feel? Do you have a plan?

Have you ever tried intermittent fasting? And if so what version of the fast have you implemented? Leave your comments and suggestions in the comment area below.

Be blessed and keep smiling.

And now for the next good habit to work on: Sleep

Torah Tuesday – The Name Of GOD in Scripture.

Have you seen all the really good resources about the names of God and the meanings?

Welcome to another Hack my KJV edition of Torah Tuesday.


A few weeks ago I showed you how to restore God’s actual name as you see the capital letters “LORD.”

Did you know that in certain places the Bible translators used the word GOD instead of LORD. Why?

Well, in some instances, the Hebrew word Adonai ( which can really be translated as Lord in English) precedes his name YHWH. So what WOULD you do here? You would have Lord LORD. This one really exposes the reality of the title vs the Name. Very simply one is keepa title and one is a name.

So, what they did here was render Adonai as Lord and His Name YHWH as GOD, instead of going with “Lord LORD.” So in Ezekiel, in several spots, we have “Lord GOD.”

So, grab that pencil and when you see the all capitals GOD, write in YHWH for the real name revealed right there in your KJV (or NIV or whatever).

Now, thou hast hacked thy KJV once more for a more clear picture of the Word.

Thank you for reading and watching Torah Tuesday, a fun way to open up blessings that have been forgotten for centuries.

Join me weekly at and comment and share these short little messages with your friends.

Be blessed and keep smiling.