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Be The Solution

Do you have the courage to be the solution and not the problem?

What would you think if I told you that I was bringing 15 junior high kids over to your house this Friday? What if i kept doing that for years? Do you want to share your Fridays with a group of punky kids?

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Mr. Perez did.

I was one of those crazy kids. It didn’t matter what “issues” you were facing at home or in school. Every Friday night, George and Barbara Perez opened their living room to a group of young teens. I think they proved a very important point.

Time spent with kids is time well spent.

I’ve heard it said that quality time is really quantity time, when kids are concerned. I just got the news today that George Perez passed away. Everyone who knows him knows of his love for God and his love for others. His time that he dedicated to me, and many others, showed that he loved us.

Don’t hold back with the smile.

I can hear Mr. Perez’ distinct laugh right now. I could try to reproduce it, but it wouldn’t translate. But that was just another gift he gave to many. Oh, he also went on 2-week long camping trips with these teens. That means he got to eat cereal out of those little Styrofoam cups and dine on peanut butter and jelly each day.

Be a Mr. P.

I am reminded of how hard it can be sometimes to make a difference in this planet. But Mr. P and that legacy reminds us of how easy it can seam. Show up, spend time, and share a smile. Boom. I know he had a deeper philosophy than that, but that is what mattered to an eighth grader in North Miami.

Thank you George and Barbara.

Perez Family, May Yahweh grant you graces during your mourning the loss of Mr. Perez.


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