Could This Be Your Year

The following is a video that I put together with some friends of mine. They produce a radio show called “Save One More Now.” I have placed slides and titles on a timeline and exported a video that can be posted online. Do you have a story to tell? If you produce an audio teaching,Continue reading “Could This Be Your Year”

5 Best Movies To Watch During Sukkot

Enjoy these Movie Monday recommendations and let me know if I am a movie genius. Today is the first day of Sukkot. That is the Feast of Tabernacles which is a prophetic shadow of the day to come in which the chosen ones (those who are in Messiah’s Kingdom) will enter into a banquet withContinue reading “5 Best Movies To Watch During Sukkot”

How’s Your Eye-Plank? Wait, Don’t Tell Me!

When Leaves Get In Your Eye. So, I like being helpful. I guess you could say that I fancy myself as a problem solver. Oh no. Am I revealing my hero complex? But isn’t it hard to mind our own business sometime? I remember being asked to be “the Youth Counselor” when I would visitContinue reading “How’s Your Eye-Plank? Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”

Did you know that God can turn things around?

The feasts of fall A few days ago I was driving with our 4 year old daughter in the backseat. She randomly repeated “God can just turn things around.” I heard those words as louder than normal as we are in a heightened season of introspection. Welcome to the 29 days of the month ofContinue reading “Did you know that God can turn things around?”

Angry Birds – Guilty Laughs?

Making a bird movie out of nothing. Happy Whatever Day.  How did they pitch (no pun intended) that one?  My girls and I went to see the new Angry Birds 2 movie. Oh my! Did we laugh! It amazes me how they come up with such a funny movie from very little material. “OK, youContinue reading “Angry Birds – Guilty Laughs?”

Have You Ever Prayed The Bible

We already have a powerful prayer book. As I look through the book store, I see some really cool prayer books. Most of us have gone away from them, but in some faith communities, the prayer book is still a thing. I picked up a nice one at a thrift store. My library is kindContinue reading “Have You Ever Prayed The Bible”