America, You’re Ancient Boundary Markers Have Been Toppled

Do you even care?

Don’t move the ancient boundary stone, which your fathers have set up.

Proverbs 22:28

America, your ancient boundary markers have been moved. As a matter of fact they have more than been scooted a few feet. I’m not sure if most of us can even see where they came from. Perhaps that’s the problem.

Many of us don’t even know. And some of us don’t even care.

Lockdown? House arrest? Do you think that is normal in a free society? You can blame it on a mystery. Yet there is no mystery as to who’s holding your flag and moving it farther away.

If a man in an office in a capital city can tell you whether you can buy, sell, operate your own means of making a living, what is it that this government can’t do? Exactly what liberties do you have, if they can mandate what you wear on your body. And don’t tell me it is for the good of all the people, because when they make a rule they churn up the “science” to make it appear to have a reason. They don’t need the reason first.

When this government needs a part of your life to make it feel complete, they simply build a new PowerPoint presentation and for some reason that is the key to making it law.

Does it seem like your governor, and your town council members want you to lean on your own? Or do they need us to be in a state of stress and hunger?

I have to ask, if we have some bread and Netflix, should that be enough for us to hand over the keys to our dream home?

If your land is in their hands, if your food is in their hands, if your face is in their hands, what makes you think they can’t and they won’t take it away?

They took your Church and synagogue services.

They took your Easter and Passover.

They took your summer.

They want your schooling.

They want your Thanksgiving.

They want your Christmas and Hanukkah.

Who took your year? A virus? Or a politician? Really.

And they want another. This kind of fear, this kind of edict does not just go away.

You can only breathe air in the way the state allows. Who owns your air?

Your face is your identity. Saturday, I watched as two new moms walked their babies in strollers at the park. Why should a baby be robbed of the chance of mentally imprinting on her own mother’s face? The government has taken over that right in many areas. In this example, the moms were simply complying to the state media’s suggestions. They have been convinced by those “scientists” with PowerPoint tablets of stone.

What about the many childhood specialists who have known for generations that a baby needs her mom’s face? Why do we get a new identity when a virus becomes famous?

We’re moving the landmarks for them.

  • Are you willing to let them cover your identity in order to buy or sell?
  • Are you willing let them cover your children’s faces and render them as less recognizable, and more vulnerable to trafficking creeps?
  • Are you willing to let them enter your home and tell you how many people can eat turkey with you?
  • Are you willing to let them enter your temple and give you orders to take their manufactured serum into your very blood. Has the emperor taken over in there too? If the virus goes away, will the king go home? Couldn’t he find another virus to blame, and have his way with you again?

Today I watched a facility test every employee. Each member was determined to be clear of a virus. If a person was designated as positive, he was sent home. So, the office is free of any carriers of the lockdown virus. All people walking the halls are healthy – yet they are almost all walking around with masks over their faces. Where’s the reasoning there? We were told we must wear a mask to protect others in case we are unaware of being positive. Now, every person is certifiably virus free, yet almost all of these healthy persons are sporting a face mask.

Depleted oxygen and depleted brain cells.

I believe we have the science to prove that face coverings restrict the oxygen to our brain, and adversely affect our ability to think critically. I believe that evidence is right before our faces.

Are you tired of wearing the emperor’s clothes over your face? If you like the facial bra, sport it with pride. All I ask is that you be so convinced in your science that you can walk confidently without forcing everyone else to be like you. I like my freedoms.

…and the “me” from March who told you they won’t stop at 14 days, says, “I told you so.” And the “me” from today travels to the future to tell you, “I told you they wouldn’t give it all back.” Maybe then, you can do the responsible thing and thank me.

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