Angry Birds – Guilty Laughs?

Making a bird movie out of nothing.

Happy Whatever Day. 

How did they pitch (no pun intended) that one? 

My girls and I went to see the new Angry Birds 2 movie. Oh my! Did we laugh! It amazes me how they come up with such a funny movie from very little material.

“OK, you have birds – and pigs. The birds get catapulted and slung into stuff….” (Crickets)

But it works. Yes, there are guilty laughs. Potty talk – literally another peeing scene involving a bird, well, peeing. And you will not be able to hold back the… um, laughter. (unless, of course, I just ruined the element of surprise and you are determined not to laugh)

Stan Kmet and I are now broadcasting a little show on TV called “Basically The Deal On Movies.” We have some fun and get a little serious as we discuss movies and their effect on families. Here’s the latest where I talk about the film about flinging birds.

Watch Basically The Deal Here

Be blessed, and keep smiling. 

Published by PaulBass

Producer of Torah Tuesday and Basically The Deal On Movies. Media consultant. Smile again, be free, overcome.

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