Breakthrough Movie Review – Basically The Deal

Want a short movie review from a Christian perspective?

Joelle went with her mom and sister to this one.

They cried. They came back with more stories of the tears than the actual movie. I say the mark of a good film is that you leave the theater as a changed person in some small way. I think this one did it.

The stars did a great job and the directing was good as well. Topher Grace was a refreshing addition. What a great message of hope and answered prayer.

Let’s hope this proves that good faith movies are here to stay. The story of adoption in here was a pleasant surprise. As adoptive parents, we appreciate positive messages about adopting.

If you have gone through losing a family member due to tragedy, please be aware that scenes can be hard to deal with. Breakthrough was a good movie with a very good message.

That’s Basically The Deal on Movies.

Thanks for watching. Let me know what you thought of the movie Breakthrough.

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