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Paul Bass

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I sold everything in 2005 and moved to L.A. to be an actor. I moved back in a year to feed my family. I have always enjoyed creating characters. I'm sorry but I'm much more comfortable in my own skin when I am wearing a mask of comedy.

I am a dad who creates stuff for fun: kids books, cartoons, short films, and an occasional macarroni bracelet. 


I love Almighty YHWH, the Creator with all my heart. I blog about my relationship with His mighty Right Hand (Son) Yeshua and his Torah at


I also have this love for nature and the closeness I feel to God when I run through the forest. I blog about wild health at 


My fun videos can be found under Basically The Deal and The Yay Verily Show. Visit my channel here.


Let me take a shot at making you smile. But don't stop there. Let me share with you a gift. Repeating the words of God outloud can transform your life. I am a testimony to that.  Click below to join my weekly email list and to receive a daily biblical prayer card.

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