By Paul Bass

A Believer’s Messiah-Filled Hanukkah

Daily Devotions For Hanukkah Time

Why would a Christian need a Hanukkah book? Many Christians are showing an interest in the Biblical feasts of the Old and New Testaments? Did you know that the New Testament is the part of the Bible which tells of Hanukkah? Do you know about the key exchange that took place between Jesus and the Pharisees in the Temple (the very temple that was re-dedicated in the Macabees account of the Hanukkah story? 
How can this Holiday, which is so close to Christmas, be a key to understanding the unnecessary conflicts that have taken place between Jews and the ones who call themselves Christians?
This is a booklet which can be used as a nightly devotional walk through Hanukkah. This is not a traditional siddur or prayer book, it is a simple walk-through with insights for further study. 
Start having a Messiah-Filled Hanukkah this year and build lasting memories each year.

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Paul Bass

I have written 6 books. But you should see the ones that got away. Hey, I guess I fled from this calling for a while, but I am here doing it. My first book was featured on national TV on the TLC network. I am also an award winning cartoonist. I may not be on the NY Times list yet, but I have a super cool family, and they think I’m OK. If you look at this picture you will see why I do this. 

Other Books

Am I Jewish

Do you consider yourself a Gentile? What do you know about Jews? Many Jews do not believe that a Jew can have faith in Jesus. Many Christians do not believe that a person can have faith in Jesus and still be a Jew. What if those are both wrong notions? This book looks at the actual beliefs of Jews as compared to those of Christians. You may be surprised. 

Bee Everywhere

How is your web site? Do you blog? Some people say the blog is on its way out, yet almost all major businesses and their leaders are blogging. If you have a small business or non-profit, people need to hear your story. In “Bee Everywhere” you will be encouraged to use all the free and low cost methods on the web to bring loyal customers through your doors.

Video Marketing

In my 20 plus years of video production I have witnessed many people who have feared the process. Now, with YouTube and all the other platforms available, along with the affordability of the medium, it it nothing to fear. In this handy guide, we visit three key factors in online video marketing: Production, Distribution, Promotion.


I have incredible grace, found in the finished work of the Messiah on the cross. So does Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who were also not perfect… just forgiven.

– Paul Bass (Am I Jewish)

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Esther – A Messiah Filled Celebration Of Purim


Don’t hide your light under a bushel. As a Christian, open up to the profound truths in the study of Esther. This holiday that was instituted in Biblical times can open up a lot of truth about ourselves as Christians, if you are willing to let it.

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