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The struggle with Christian Movies

I will admit I wish I had more patience with Christian movies. They already have a reputation for being lower in standards overall. Occasionally there is that so-called Christian movie which surprises everyone. This one is not one of those.

The Fight Within

What can I say? I could not make it through this film. Every intention of the film is noble. But the performance is mixed with the dialogue that is just what it is… I hate to be too critical but I just don’t have the patience. That is my fight within. My love hate relationship with Christian movies is right here.

The good:

The fight scenes are good. There’s just good fighting in here. Maybe we could have just had a large musical montage of the fight scenes.

I hate to be so critical, but honestly this was a fast-forwarding kind of movie for me. And I can tell you that I probably didn’t miss anything. The plot is easy enough to watch the entire thing in fast forward and know exactly what they’re saying, or get a pretty good idea.

Do you struggle with Christian movies? What are some of the best Christian movies you have seen? Let me know in the comments section below.

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Masks: If I don’t wear, how will that harm you?

Do I detect that some are talking about compulsory mask regulation?

Let’s say I’m healthy and choose not to wear a mask, how would I give a disease that I don’t have to someone who supposedly couldn’t catch it because they are either isolating or wearing a mask?

Every time people talk about the subject of wearing masks in public, It seems that there are two sides to the argument. Well that may seem obvious, the sides of the argument are not even comparing the same things.

Side one says, essentially, that nobody driving from an office in a governor’s mansion or a White House should make me wear something over my face. Their claim is that it should be a personal right whether someone chooses to cover their face or not.

Now, side two seems to state that a person should be allowed to wear a mask in public for their own safety, however everyone else should wear one whether they want to or not. And if they don’t they should be punished by some sort of legal action, whether it be jail or flogging, or grabbing them and putting them back in their own home and locking the door.

I know, for the sake of light heartedness, I have chosen a little bit of hyperbole on both sides there. But here we go. One side says sure wear a mask if you want to. The other side does not say sure don’t wear a mask if you don’t want to. The other side says if I got to wear a mask then you got to wear a mask. After that whole bunch of Dad likes statements about you should be responsible, think of others,. But the pro mask wearers don’t seem to practice what they preach. That is why there has to be something more at play here other than pure protection.

At the beginning of this mega virus, a lot of people agreed on the benefits of the masks. Now you can see people on both sides of that argument. But again there is a call for mandatory masquerading. Not masquering for your own good. I guess I have to ask, who is the one who is being selfish here? In my experience I find that mockers tend to call other people selfish, when they are in fact being selfish.

Live Free – Breathe Free – Speak Free!

What is this obsession with control in this country? Why does it have to be about controlling everyone’s actions? That is what I ask in regards to just about every issue now. When I see people speaking on their news programs, movie stars preaching at me, that we all need to do the same thing, that’s when I step back and question what is this all about. What happened to the Hollywood favorites, the cartoons which preach that we should follow our heart? What if my heart says I don’t feel comfortable covering my mouth?

Now I’m not going to solve that one for you today. Even if I gave my answer, few people would want to hear it anyway. I just want to point out the strange nature of this mask conversation.

As a bonus, today, I would like for you to think of other cultures which make people cover their face. Have you ever thought that people should be whipped in public for not covering their face? Well in a large portion of the world, that’s what you get. What kind of precedent is that? If a woman wants to breathe fresh air, in some parts of the world, it is illegal. now people are trying to make it illegal to breathe fresh air in this country that I live in.

Who tends to wear masks throughout history?

Robbers, theatre performers, women in oppression.

Masks: They either protect you or they don’t. And what about other measures which are proven to keep one healthy? Mandatory sun exposure. Proper nutrition? Exercise? When are those mandatory, if that’s what we’re really considering? Just some questions to consider.

Where’s my doctor?

Health and treatment has gone away from a discussion with our local physician and seems to be run by governors and their agencies.

Be blessed and stay healthy. Smiling also helps the immunity. And it’s infectious. If you’re happy and you know it, let it show.